I Have A Voice

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I Have a Voice: I will not allow the scars of my past to predict my future.

Do you live in silent torment? Do you want to be set free from the chains that bind you? Do you want a love that doesn't hurt?

Tammy has had to struggle for most of her life. It hasn't been easy for her to overcome the lingering guilt and terror associated with years of disregard and abuse—both emotional and physical. As a child she was neglected by her parents and privy to the unhappiness of everyone around her. After enduring multiple abuses in her romantic relationships, Tammy decided that she wasn't going to let that life control her anymore. Now, years later, Tammy has recorded her experiences and everything she learned from the harrowing years she spent being made to feel worthless so that other victims may know that they are not alone, and that there is hope for a future of freedom.

If you are suffering from abuse of any kind, don't allow yourself to languish in pain and subjugation. Make the decision now to take control of your life and your emotions. Join Tammy L. Smalley for a journey through pain, sadness, and redemption, and let them know that eventually they can say, like Tammy, 'I Have a Voice.'




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